Wednesday, June 1, 2011

New Flash Fiction: Waiting (#140ffb)

Started a new flash fiction piece. As I like to do, I try not to plot it out but rely on poetic feeling and expression of what is going on in my life spiritually or emotionally to color it. I use form to help structure those feelings. Here is the running twitter posts of the microfiction in chronological order. Use the hashtag #140ffb to follow the tweets:

It was the silence that troubled her the most. Like a bee hive in her head. Like a long dog moan. She stared at the door and waited.

In the yawning of minutes, she wraps her thoughts in strips of yesterday's memories. Heart beats echo.

(edit note: I changed the voice from 1st person to 3rd to be more consistent).

With a sweet smell of lilacs the room shifts from dark to dawn. She hears the approach. The movement of grass under footsteps.

He is now.


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