Friday, April 23, 2010

Join the Craft Corps today

I think I may NEED this book...
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CraftCorpsInspired by NPR’s Story Corps (an audio project collecting people’s stories and archiving them for posterity), Craft Corps the book will be community, our community, celebrated on the written page. The book will focus on my conversations with 30 influential designers:


  • Amy Butler (Amy Butler Designs)

  • Traci Bautista (Collage Unleashed)

  • Wendy Russell (She’s Crafty)

  • Travis Nichols (Artist/Author)

  • Carol Duvall (Carol Duvall Show)

  • Ed Roth (Stencil 1)

  • Jennifer Perkins (Craft Lab/NSC)

  • Mark Montano (TLC’s While Your Were Out)

  • Claudine Hellmuth (

  • Amanda Soule (

  • To quote Oprah, “everyone has a story”, and Craft Corps will share some of ours/yours with the world!
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    Sunday, April 11, 2010

    April is National Poetry Month - Write a poem a day!

    I had some great intentions to join in with many other poets (and wannabe poets like me) to write a poem a day throughout the entire month of April 2010. So far, I have made it to day 7 - that was a couple of days ago. I guess the point is to enjoy the process and just the outcome, eh? You can take a stab at either one if you want. Just click on the blog link to the writers digest or read the guidelines below...

    Main Objective: Write some new poems during the month of April. I provide the prompts (and my own poetic attempt); you write the poems.

    April 1-30: Beginning at some reasonable time on the morning of April 1, I will provide a prompt. I will repeat this around the same reasonable time (usually between 8-11 a.m. Ohio-Georgia time) throughout the month.

    Poets should write a poem each day of April.
    Following the daily prompt is optional.
    Posting poems on the Poetic Asides site in the Comments section is optional.
    Participation is free.
    No registration is required.

  • I will not be able to delete poems once they are added to the Comments section.

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