Tuesday, December 29, 2009

10 Ways for Lightening to Strike you with Creativity

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Waiting for inspiration?
You may as well wait for lightning to strike.
1. Read more stuff
Magazines, books, blogs, cereal boxes... it doesn't really matter (at least at the beginning) what you read -- just that you're reading at all. Just 15 to 20 minutes every morning and every evening is enough to feed your brain with enough new ideas to make you more strikeable. To increase the quality of ideas your reading generates, increase the quality of the writers you are reading.
2. If you have to watch TV, watch some good shows
3. Go see great speakers
4. Collect quotes
5. Listening to music
6. Play word games
7. Visit museums
8. Find heroes
9. Express yourself -- journal, sketch, paint
10. Radar up!
There's a book titled "Personal Brilliance" in which the author lists four catalysts for creativity: Awareness, Creativity, Focus, and Initiative.
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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

10 Steps for Boosting Creativity

I can go for the "no drugs" idea but no television? Hmmmm. What do you do to boost your creativity? Tweet us @thirstyfishinfo
clipped from www.jpb.com

10 Steps for Boosting Creativity

Picture of Bach
Listen to music by Johann Sebastian Bach.



Always carry a small notebook and a pen or pencil around with you.
If you're stuck for an idea, open a dictionary, randomly
select a word and then try to formulate ideas incorporating this
Define your problem.
If you can't think, go for a walk.
Don't watch TV.
Don't do drugs.
Read as much as you can about everything possible.
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Saturday, December 5, 2009

What is your contemplation for this Holiday Season?

I love the daily meditations of Friar Richard Rohr. He asks: "During this Advent how can I bring the gift of contemplation into my life?"

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Question of the Day:
During this Advent how can I bring the gift
of contemplation into my life?

When it comes to the gift of contemplation, every major religion in the world has come to very similar conclusions.  Every religion—Hinduism, Buddhism, the eastern religions—all agree, but each in its own way, that finally we are called to a transformed consciousness, a new mind or being “born again” a second time in some way. Each religion has different words for it, and probably different experiences, but somehow they all point to union with God. 

Religion is about union.  Somehow to live in conscious union with God is what it means to be “saved.”  To live in that union is to experience and enjoy the Great Connection.  When world religions become mature, we will have a new history, no longer based on competition, rivalry, cultures or warfare, but on people who are actually transformed.

Adapted from Preparing For Christmas, pp. 60-61

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How do you get more subscribers to your email list?

I love copywriting ideas because it gives you a feeling of control over your blog/website. I am not sure I get the kind of results these "gurus" say they do but I know it has made a significant difference. What are some of your copywriting tricks? Do tell by tweeting us @thirstyfishinfo or comment below...

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clipped from www.copyblogger.com

How did you get 6,000 subscribers in 10 months?

1. Make it easy and obvious

As I’ve said before in more detail, make your subscription options prominent, offer an email alternative to RSS, and ask for the subscription, preferably at the bottom of each post.

2. Be laser focused

focusing on a particular topic

3. Offer a bribe

a free ebook, report, e-course or audio series.

4. Use viral ebooks

5. Dedicated subscription landing page

6. Become a guest blogger

7. Start a podcast

8. Post in forums

9. Networking

10. Cross-promotional deals

Find a blogger that publishes related, but non-competitive content. Work out a deal where you both promote each other in your RSS feeds, using Feedvertising. If one blog has way more subscribers than the other, work out a ratio deal.
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