Tuesday, January 12, 2010

How to use your blog to get a book deal

I have to confess: I haven't tried this method listed by Larry Brooks but it sounds practical. What gives you an edge over other hopeful authors? Perhaps a blog...with a following.
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First, let’s get one thing out of the way. A blog alone, no matter how popular, isn’t enough to score you a book contract. It’s not quite that simple.
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A book deal is made up of several moving parts

First, any successful book proposal needs a credible, straight-line, value-promising connection to a hungry target audience.
And because of that, you don’t need huge numbers to make it happen. What you do need is cachet within the niche you’ve defined.
While teaching writing on the workshop circuit, I developed a proprietary story development model called The Six Core Competencies of Successful Storytelling.
My blog is about that well-defined niche, within the larger topic of writing. And without that angle, no matter how popular a blog I might build, there would be no book deal.
Today, you need an “author platform” to successfully pitch a book to a publisher.
What’s an author platform? It’s how you’ll be doing the promotion for your book. Nine times out of ten, it means your blog.

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